Facilitating Online
Facilitating Online

Facilitator : Alex Hayes

Agenda : Discussion - click on this link and introduce yourself.....you will need to be logged in to add messages :)

Time : 10 AM ( AEST ) Sydney - 12.00 AM ( AEST ) - we actually went 30 mins overtime !!!

Location : Adobe Connect - http://webconf.det.nsw.edu.au/facilitatingonline

Recording : Adobe Connect - http://webconf.det.nsw.edu.au/p58195951/

Summary : In this session Alex Hayes took a number of online participants on a tour of whats possible and what should be considered for conducting online facilitation using both Adobe Connect and other spaces such as a wiki. Alex spent some time exploring the importance of language in online spaces, the nature of co-hosting and role definitions, the ability to use various levels of engaging learners ie. visual, audio, textual and Alex also swapped register to operate as the 'learner' through the session. Some time was spent on answering particpants enquiries and participants were given the opportunity to explore, interact and reflect on concepts raised in the session.

Associated Links : Links spoken of in the online session

Web Office - Alex's list of online spaces for use with learners
Online Facilitator- Vivian Evans
Graham Wegner - Example of a primary sector blogger
Leigh Blackall - VET sector edublogger
Career - Use of blogging space for personal / professional purpose